Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode 4- Kasey Awkward Song & Tattooed Moments

It's week four and I'm definitely a Chris L fan.

Who I like this week- Chris L (who loved his mom so much), Jesse (for his nice voice), Kirk (for tucking Ali in bed) and Roberto who is so sweet.
Who I don't Like- Jonathan for always calling Ali his prize and Kasey for obvious reasons.

Cheesy Kasey Lines - "It's just my heart. Jump in, stay awhile."

The Bachelorette starts when Chris Harrison tells the remaining 11 guys that they are traveling around the world. Their first destination is New York City! Ali goes shopping to impress the guys and Ali tells her make-up stylist that she has a soft spot for Chris L, Kirk, Kasey and funny Frank. So Ali is getting a lot of slack in the media for being a boring bachelorette but I think she's sweet and real. Kasey gets the one on one date and the weatherman (aka Jonathan, it's hard to remember his name) is jealous. Not a good quality, weather guy.

One on One Date with Kasey and The Awkward Song Moment->
During the date, Kasey sings a bad song and makes monkey noises. That sums it up.

A helicopter stops by and plane-hater Ali, has to get on another flight. Oh no. Kasey opens his mouth and.... starts to sing. There is a pause in the song and you know what Ali does? SHE LAUGHS! Not a good sign Kasey. You can tell their was a lot of editing during that song because it seemed like Ali gave Kasey a dirty look. What were those lyrics again? Something about a rose and a butterfly? Poor Kasey, you can already predict the media is going to make fun of him. After TASM (aka The Awkward Song Moment), they head to the museum and Ali thinks Kasey is very cheesy. He really lays it on thick and it's debatable whether he's getting a rose. There is no affection going on, and Ali calls him a "really good guy." That was a super confusing good bye. Is he going home? Is he staying? Apparently Kasey doesn't get a rose BUT he stays. Huh?
A group date card arrives and everyone but Justin goes on the date. Ali quickly mentions that she is "under the weather." But doesn't really explain further. Ali takes the guys to the theater, The Lion King and one of the guys gets to spend the night with Ali. The boys dancing was pretty funny. Ty was great, Roberto was a sexy dancer and Craig R is just so funny (he is like Bachelor Bob Guiney, a bit). Worst singers (Kasey excluded) - stick to the weather, weatherman and Craig. Jesse had a great voice. Roberto gets picked for the date and perform during The Lion King. Roberto and Ali practice their dancing (wearing fantastic costumes!) while the guys are forced to watch them touch each other. The Weatherman is ready to burst into tears.

Later on, Ali and Frank have some alone time. Poor Ali, she's sick, it's raining and she wants to go home but all Frank wants to do is talk about his feeling. Every time Craig R talks to Ali, I want to laugh. He is such a goof ball and all he wants to do is hang out with the guys. Weatherman tries to talk to Ali but she shoves him away. Kirk is sweet and tells Ali to go to bed. And she doesn't give out a rose at all! Weatherman is very very unhappy. Jealousy is not a good trait, Jonathan.

Date card comes and Birthday boy Chris L gets a one on one.
What a bad first date. Gorgeous Chris Lambton gets to spend the date in a germ-filled hotel room. He is very sweet and brings her flowers and soup. They are seriously a sweet, potential couple. She probably should have rescheduled the date instead of coughing on Chris and making him sick too. Ali feels better and takes Chris out for his birthday to a club in New York. Chris and Ali would make nice looking children together.

Back at home, Kasey does something very stupid as he is seen walking into a tattoo parlor. I bet everyone is shouting at the TV, "don't do it Kasey!!!!" So Kasey tattoos a heart on his wrist. Well, at least he doesn't tattoo her name on his body. Spelling out the name 'Ali Fedotowsky' would be very long. Kasey continues to get more stupid when he lies to everyone and tells them he went to the hospital. Then, Weatherman does something bad and starts to sing. He tries too hard and it's painful to watch. I love how he thought singing a song would secure him a rose. He's so nutty. The forecase is bad news for Kasey and the weatherman. If some guy told me he got a tattoo for me, I would run the other way. Kasey is going to be the tattooed bachelorette guys for the rest of his life.

Chris M, why don't you talk at all during the show???

The first guy in bachelor history to have a permanent tattoo for the REST of his life. How did Kasey get a rose???

The guys who get a rose are:

Chris L
Chris M
Kasey - why????

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode 3: Hobble Down the Highway

Another week and I'm still waiting for Jake Pavelka to make a surprise appearance. But shockingly, he is no where to be seen.

Who I Like
- I know people don't like Justin, but he is just so hot and he called his mom gorgeous which was sweet (he is a little like Vienna though); John L & Steve is adorable and John C is just goofy and sweet.

The show starts off with Ali (wearing a blue, very 80's off the shoulder t-shirt) and Roberto going on a one-on-one date. Poor Ali. She is terrified of flying and ABC keeps putting her in the air, starting with a helicopter ride and then on a building 20 stories above LA. How cute is Roberto? He is walking on a tight rope on a very high 20 story building and he just stands there grinning. As Ali and Roberto ("Fall for each other"), it reminded me of the bungee jumping Jake and Vienna, especially when they kiss in the air. How in the world can they kiss each other up in the air like that? I would probably be so fearful and feeling like puking in his mouth. Well, at least she didn't puke.

I'll admit it, I wasn't a Roberto fan at the beginning but he is growing on me. Still unsure if he is right for Ali though.

On a side note, I am hearing a lot of spoiler rumors about who wins and who might win and I am choosing not to read. Wishing people would stop spoiling the ending for us already!!!

Back to the date with Roberto, Ali likes him and he is definitely getting a rose. Everyone can see it. Oh no. Ali says the "P" word to Roberto, meaning Perfect. She tells Roberto that the date is perfect. I'm thinking it's the kiss of death- remember Jillian and Jake. Yup, Jake was too perfect for her.

Time for the group date --> The limo pulls up in the middle of no where and see the Barenaked Ladies playing music in the middle of the road. This Bachelorette is a very Canadian theme. Cool date. They get to be in a music video. ABC picks the strangest bands to play in each show. No offense to the Naked Ladies, I like them and all, but it is a weird choice. Great publicity for them - wonder how much they pay to be on the show. They start to shoot the music video and of course, there is a lot of kissy-kissy. Poor John C. He is so sweet and getting no attention. The weatherman is still a bit odd- I still remember him from last week refusing to wear a thong. He is always so uncomfortable for someone whose day job is LIVE ON TELEVISION!! Kiss of death for Jonathan. I'm loving Craig R's side comments. I find him so funny for some reason. He always has something to say and a bit of a goof ball. I don't even think he's even talked to Ali at this point.

Oh no, Jonathan don't cry! Girls like guys who cry (Ali did) but guys don't. The weatherman will definitely be crying if he gets sent home. Are Kirk and Ali having sex? Looks like they could be. A little racy, don't you think. That was pretty gross and a little disrespectful. Later on, they go out for the evening and John L talks about his mom. I like John- he is so damm sweet and Ali likes him. Give him the rose!!!

Oh goodness. Jonathan talks to Ali about his nerves. I'm thinking weatherman and Frank need to go home. Kirks gets the rose.

Another date card arrives and Hunter gets the one on one date. Card reads: "Home is where the heart is." Isn't that a movie starring Natalie Portman? Justin hobbles out of the house and down the street to see Ali. I thought it was sweet. Hobble down the highway. So Ali is talking to the camera about Hunter and you see Justin behind her. The camera guys pretended they were surprised to see him. Come on, a camera FOLLOWED Justin down the highway so it was no surprise he was there. Good job, Justin! Now, he gets to hang out with Ali. Major points scored. They should have made Justin walk back to the house though.

Hunter and Ali go on their one on one date. Hunter and Ali have a relaxed BBQ by the pool. Seems like Hunter wants to be a stay at home husband (not that anything is wrong with that). Don't really see a connection between them. They sit in a hot tub, wearing literally nothing, and they are not even touching!! friend zone alert. Hunter does not get a rose.

At the rose ceremony, love how Steve brought the date to Ali. He literally hasn't spoken to Ali the whole time so it was nice he got some airtime (even if he couldn't open up that bottle of wine). The boys hate Justin but in the end, he gets a rose.

If you missed any of my Bachelorette recaps, here is Episode 1 & Episode 2.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bachelorette Episode 2 - Bikini Bottoms

Quotes of the Night
"I've got a beautiful girl, I'm cruising down the highway. What could go wrong?" -Frank

"When it comes to Ali, Take no prisoners." -Justin

"It's 100% chance my crotch will show.
" -Weatherman Jonathan says of his speedos

The Bachelorette begins with Chris Harrison tells the bachelor boys about their upcoming dates (Anyone else notice that all the boys are drinking champagne and orange juice? Nothing like alcohol in the morning!).

Frankie Frank goes on a One on One --> Seriously, this date could be a cheesy movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Ali and Frank run hand and hand, hug and kiss each other a lot! Ali gets ready for her date (she is SUPER bubbly) but not sure if she and Frank has a love connection (my two cents is that Frank likes Ali a little too much. Hopefully he isn't a Michelle from Jake Pavelka's season). So Ali and Frank are cruising down the highway and their car stalls at the side of the road. I'm thinking all Bachelorette fans are thinking the same thing - The Bachelorette is a multi-million dollar show, why don't you get them a car that works? They end up walking to their date to Hollywood Blvd. It's funny how Ali is signing autographs on her date. Ali and Frank share a first kiss at the Hollywood sign, and then have a picnic on top of their car. Is it just me or could have Frank dressed up a little bit more for his first date? His t-shirt that says "Bar Harbor" is not that impressive. But despite the shirt, Ali is crazy about Frank so he gets a rose. (Cheesy moment alert. Frank gives the rose a big inhale).

Group date card --> and no one's happy
There is a lot of hostility amongst the guys, feels like there is going to be a major fight. 12 guys going on a date with one girl, not a good situation for them (for her, she'll have fun). Ali shows up in a bikini top (a little revealing, don't you think?). Ali takes them to the beach and does a photo shoot with the boys (reminds me of Jake Pavelka's date). Jonathan definitely does not like Craig and Justin is quite disliked. Love those speedos guys! Jonathan doesn't want to wear his teeny bikini. Just wear it boy! Steve gives him some words of encourage - "You have a great ass." This weatherman will be on YouTube pretty quicky. Ty pulls out the stops and "pulls a Wes" and sings to Ali - hoping he's not as creepy though. Ali takes the guys out for an evening on the town. Secrets are revealed including that Ty was married. Weatherman Jonathan lays it on thick with Ali and then tattle tails (not the best thing to do, Jonny). I love how Ali tells Jonathan that she will not tell anyone - ummm. There are a lot of camera's around you. We'll all keep it a secret. And the rose goes to... Ty.

Date card --> One on one with Jesse B
Ali takes Jesse on a one on one date (love that shoulder tattoo, Jesse!). For someone who doesn't like to fly, ABC really tortures Ali by making her fly a lot. (Notice how Ali grabs Jesse on the plane and he hardly touches her). Ali takes Jesse on a private jet to Las Vegas! Now, that's a good date! On a side note, as Jesse gets ready for his evening out, he really looked hot in his suit. She comes down the stairs in an off-white (wedding-like) dress. At least young 24 year old, Jesse didn't get scared off. But is 24 years old too young for her? Ali and Jesse dance to a private concert and Jesse gets a rose.

Sweet Moments of the Night- Roberto doesn't say a word during Episode 2 and then him and Ali play baseball during the cocktail. Roberto is growing on me, I'll admit it.

The guys who got a rose are:

Craig R
Tyler B
John C
Chris N

I'm still waiting for Jake Pavelka (and maybe Vienna) to show up...If you missed my Bachelorette Episode 1 recap, read it here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bachelorette Gets a Hair Cut!!!

It's official. Everyone is going crazy over the Bachelorette. Came across this clip of the Ali Fedotowsky getting swarmed by the media while she gets her hair cut. This made the news? Really?

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bachelorette: Episode 1 --> It's Rated R

Well, it's that time again, Bachelorette fans~

Time for The Bachelorette to start again, many rose ceremonies, lots of tears in the limo and Chris Harrison saying his famous lines like "This is going to be the MOST dramatic season in Bachelorette history!" and "Ali, it's the final rose tonight." Man, I wish I could be a writer on the show. It would be so easy! All I would have to do is write phrases like "I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve" and "I feel a connection with you, Ali." Hire me, ABC!

You would think that after 14 seasons of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison would have aged. But nope, sweet and perdictable Chris Harrison looks the exact same! What's with that? He either has a great make-up artist or had a little work done, Hollywood style. Chris Harrison- you look exactly the same! How have you not aged? Even Jillian Harris and Ali looked different when they got their own show! Doesn't this photo of Chris look EXACTLY the same since season 1?

Now for The Bachelorette- Episode 1 Recap....

Wow. Drama, drama, drama. Ali has quit her job at Facebook and ready for love (of course). The beginning starts very Baywatch-like with Ali running through water looking like a sexy life guard. Watch out Pamela Anderson. You may have competition on Dancing with the Stars! Now we meet the Bachelor hopefuls, Jay the Lawyor who seems like a sweet guy; shirtless Craig from Toronto who seems like a bit of a player; cutie Kyle, the lonely hunter and bear-killer who needs a woman (he hangs around animals more than women though); Wrestler "Rated R" Justin is a little scary at first but could have potential as a grandma's boy (he gets lots of air time with his family which could mean something); Biker Philip from Chicago who lost his brother. Seems sweet; Weatherman Jonathan is pretty funny. His secret weapon is his
humor (according to him, not me). Looks a bit like Reid Rosenthal, which is a really good thing!; Divorcee Ty from Texas loves his doggie and wants a doggie mama; Cutie and math teacher Chris, lost his mom and seems very sweet (lots of air time..hmmm); Roberto, Tyler, Derrick, Steve, Frank don't get a lot of air time. That is usually pretty telling...

Now for the limo- Jake Pavelka bashing and "I'm already so in love with you already, Ali." (gag, gag). First boy out of the limo is Chris H (kisses, kisses. Good first meeting); next comes Jesse with a big smile; Chris I says hello followed by an awkward moment; Ty lays it on thick "you are so pretty;" Oh No, Frank don't hop out of the top of the limo. But she liked it!; Broken foot Justin gets the sympathy card (no hot tube for you!); Jay looks very formal during their no-so-friendly meeting; Chris N pops out a rose (Cheesy!); Kasey looks intense as he steps out of the limo and then shares way too much about his emotions during their 30 second meeting; fishing guy Kyle is a bit strange but sweet; My first impression is that Roberto is not her type, not sure why just an instinct; striped tie Craig is nice looking (but probably shouldn'' have insulted Vienna); John seems nervous but so cute; Tyler looks nervous; John C is very smiley and then fakes proposes to Ali - Well, he will sure get noticed with that crazy intro - (Ali should just say yes and end of show); here comes blue shirt Jonathon. Not sure Ali will like him; Craig R is pretty forward; Very good intro with Steve. cute little eye contact going on; Kirk makes Ali a rose out of his snotty tissue; I'm thinking she likes Tyler (although he messed up on the cowboy boots thing. Maybe he liked Jillian instead?); here comes Hunter - I kind of think he's going home (not wise to tell a girl you have to pee); Derick seems genuine and sweet; Phil is intense; Derrick "Shooter" has a quick intro; Jason climbed on the car and then did back flip. A little bit of a show off.

Onto the cocktail party----> Ali smoozes with the boys and seems to drink a lot of wine. Good girl Ali. Frank seems like an Ali Stalker (aka he likes her too much and will probably be crying in the limo soon). Too bad he looks so much like cutie Reid Rosenthal...Dude, Kirk, oh Kirk. Making a scrapbook for a girl is a little offence. I hope it's not his childhood scrapbook. I don't want to see photos of his first dirty diaper. Kasey seems so sweet and seems like his voice is a bit strange. Does he have a hearing aid? Hunter makes some sweet music - does he remind anyone else of Wes (gulp!). I found Jason a bit mean, making fun of the other guys. Doesn't show a good character. Shooter, please don't tell a girl your gross story!!! That's not a good move to talk about your racing sperm count. Ali, if anything develops, watch your eyes! I'm liking Craig M -seems pretty real and normal and Roberto does the salsa. Maybe I'm wrong but she seems to like Roberto. I don't see the connection though. Chris I is so sweet and loved it when Ali touched his leg. That's a good sign. Craig R is little bit of a tattle tail- no one likes that, it's not fourth grade. The first impression rose goes to.....Roberto!! Well, I'm shocked. Didn't see that coming.

The right reasons box---> Each guy has to choose a guy who they want to send home. Hasn't this been done before in Jason Mesnick's episode? Remember everyone chose one person and then she stayed anyways? Does anyone else think that striped tie Craig looks like actor Dean, Tori Spelling's husband? So no one seems to like
Justin who received the most votes from the box.

My question is where is everyone's cell phone and Blackberrys? It's strange not to see guys checking their phones every second. Are phones forbidden on the bachelorette?

The guys who made it through the first rose ceremony are:
1. Roberto
2. Justin
3. Jesse
4. Ty
5. Craig R
6. Tyler B
7. Frank
8. Steve
9. Chris
10. Kirk
11. John C
12. Chris N
13. Chris H
14. Hunter
15. Craig M
16. Jonathon
17. Kasey

Until next week... Let the crying and the bad scripted dates begin!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who else is going through extreme Bachelor withdrawal? Me! Me!

When the show starts, I will be blogging each episode and providing my expert bachelorette insights and speculations. In the meantime, I would watch Jake Pavelka on Dancing with the Stars but would probably get too bored. Kate Gosselin and Jake Pavelka? Now that's an odd couple! So I've been reading up on my Ali Fedotowsky Bachelorette gossip and here's what I've learned from my (semi-reliable) internet sources.
  1. The Bachelorette starts May 24.
  2. Ali quit her job at Facebook to become the Bachelorette.
  3. Another bachelor blog site stated that "her friend Chris is going to be on the show and left for filming on March 7th." (I assume she didn't mean Chris Harrison). This means the show is now filming. It takes approx 6 weeks to film a season of the bachelor.
  4. Ali will go to New York for filming for at least part of the show. I'm not sure if that means one of her picks are from NY but that would be an obvious answer.
  5. Ali has a Twitter account @alifedotowsky.

Let the rose ceremonies begin!